We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team

We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team


Beginning operations in 2008, GTI Trade has grown from a small-scale trading firm to an international investment firm with portfolios in cryptocurrency, forex, and real estate. GTI Trade has always operated with the founding and core philosophy that financial advice should be of the highest possible standard, accessible, commercially-oriented, and consistently sound on principle.

As an investment firm, we have developed a reputation for enabling a wide range of transactions including but not limiting; financial advisory, asset management, securities trading, share registration, and consumer finance on a retail and institutional scale and diligently work with its clients to create bespoke solutions for their needs, for facilitating transactions and resolving disputes including those that are complex or unusual in our market, within a relatively short space of time.

We actively seek to refine and to develop fresh skills and to acquire new expertise across our practice areas, to enable us to respond quickly and effectively to the evolution and rapid changes of the economies and markets in which we and our clients operate and do business. This approach enables us to set charges that reflect our knowledge and experience, rather than learning costs.

Our Mission

  • Make GTI Trade as simple, transparent, and as safe as possible for our business and investor partners.
  • Allow investors to invest in the business projects they believe in and share in their success.
  • Enable businesses use our platform to raise finance efficiently and build a community in the process.
  • Always keep searching for and implementing new ways to improve the experience for our investors and partners.