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Over the years, cryptocurrency has been on a steady rise in value, and we embrace the possibilities it provides to earn for you, our investor.

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Who Are We?

GTI Trade has been in the trading and investment world for over a decade, with a combined experience of 30 years thanks to our team of highly trained and efficient traders. With the inception and rise of cryptocurrency in international markets, we saw it fit to include crypto trading in our portfolio.

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We’re Good At What We Do

With a team of professionals offering a combined experience of over 25 years, we know just what to do with investments to reap great benefits from carefully placed market trades.


With the easy-to-navigate dashboard, checking up on your earnings can be done with just a few clicks.


We know how important your information is. We keep it secure and heavily protected from hacks and attacks.

Trading for

No matter your experience level, you have a place with GTI Trade’s winning portfolios. Let us do the heavylifting for you.


We place emphasis on trades meant to return a win, ensuring your investments never go to waste.


Our mission is to ensure that you always get your money’s worth; whether it’s a few hundreds or a lot more.

Always Ready

Our team is always ready and waiting to answer your queries and offer help whenever you need it.

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Investing with us is a simple, user-friendly process. And checking on your investments has never been easier.

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